Wool & Needles was born from a dream to make the wonderful and addictive world of crocheted amigurumis known. It was later paired with a passion for the nerdy world...How did this adventure start?

My name is Isabel and I work alongside Jenny; my daughter. We were both born in Madrid, Spain, and we have lived in several different parts of the world. We landed in Canada many years ago now; specifically in Calgary, the city that has provided us with shelter, opportunities, and great friends. 

I learned to crochet as a young girl, and it's always been a passion of mine. Due to lack of time, however, I wasn't always able to dedicate myself to it in the way that I wanted to. I would occasionally make something for one of my three children, but very seldom. Some years ago, I had a candy bouquet business. I wanted to add some flair to my baskets and decided to crochet little themed items to adorn with - for example, a ducky for a newborn basket, or a pair of hearts for a Valentine's Day bouquet. 

This is how I discovered the world of amigurumis. Each day, my passion for it grew, and I began crocheting animals, various characters, and other items that I would then give to my children. My candy bouquet business was no more once I decided to move back to Spain, but my love for amigurumis remained, and I continued making and selling a diverse variety of my creations - something I enjoyed very much. I was in Spain for 2 years, and upon the news that my daughter Jenny was pregnant, I returned to Canada with the excitement of becoming a Grandma.

Once in Calgary with my new granddaughter, I made her a Cabbage Patch hat that gained lots of attention in public. People began to ask for them, and to purchase them, so Jenny and I decided to expand our availability of products and start selling them. Shortly after, Jenny began asking me to make specific characters from different fandoms, as she calls them. She encouraged me to make enough variety of pop-culture characters and accessories to join the Calgary Expo Market in November of 2016. We received such a positive reaction from those who saw our products, that it gave us the motivation and excitement to move forward - going so far as to join the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo!

I am the crocheter, and my daughter Jenny is my manager, secretary, public relations (my English leaves much to be desired). She also gets the orders and encourages me to try different ideas.

We would like to thank those who have helped us unconditionally, and those who have believed in us, and in our products.